Gauging Equipment

durable - simple - precise

Teudeloff's gauging equipment is ideally suited for long-term, convenient, fast and precise quality control.

  • Go / NoGo, Penetration Gauge, Concentricity Gauge and others
  • Available in different versions for Multipoint, Six-Lobe, Torx®, Tamperproof, Pozi®, Phillips®,
    External Torx
    ®, Torq-Set®, Tri-Wing®, Ring Gauges, Hexagon, Thread Gauges and many more ...
  • Either analogue or digital
  • Of course incl. certificate, if needed

We are available for you as a reliable partner and look forward to your inquiry.

External Gauges

Analogue Penetration Gauges

Digital Penetration Gauges

Plug Gauges