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We <3 City Cycling!

This year, our "Teudi turns the wheel"-team avoided a total of 400.0 kg CO2
and covered 2,597 km by bike.

And just like that we did something for our health and the climate together.
Again the campaign was really fun and not only motivated us to get on our bikes
during those three weeks, but also changed our habits … quick trip to the bakery?
Sure! By bike.

July 2022

Fastener & Fixing

Advertisement in the Fastener & Fixing July issue

World class recess punches & fastener tooling – Teudeloff
Your trustworthy partner from Germany.
You can find our advertisement in the July issue of the Fastener & Fixing magazine.

July 2022


10th school fruit project in the Strombergzwerge house in Pfaffenhofen

This project teaches children how delicious healthy eating can be.
Thanks to our sponsorship, children from Strombergzwerge house in Pfaffenhofen
can be regularly supplied with fruit and vegetables.

June 2022

Bienvenidos a Teudeloff – Hola!

Our website now available in Spanish

We now offer information on our homepage for Spanish-speaking visitors worldwide.
Get a detailed overview of our core competencies and our wide range of services in
German, English or Spanish.

May 2022

Apprentice Q&A in December Torque

Interview with our BA student, Enrique Lopez

What does a dual study program at Teudeloff look like? What opportunities does it open up for
the future? These and other interesting questions are answered eloquently and smartly by our
BA student, Enrique Lopez, in the latest issue of Torque. Read the complete interview here.

December 2021


The furry friends can count on us

A little support for the animals at the animal shelter in Heilbronn.
Helping an animal will not change the world.
But it changes the world for them.


Together we are helping

Children help us adults remember how to laugh.
(Asian Wisdom)

There’s lots to be done and plenty of opportunities to help in the flood regions.
Our help goes to the city of Altena to rebuild the playgrounds and to the Caritas,
which offers, among other things, a Children's-Café in Altena and direct support
for those affected.

September 2021


Advertisement in the August issue

Read our spotlight in FTI‘s August issue focusing on the IFE,
although we will unfortunately not be able to attend this
year's show in Las Vegas.

August 2021

EM 2021 Kick Tipp

„We are the people we‘ve been waiting for”

This summer we competed in a battle of mind, strategy and luck: The EM Kick Tipp 2021.
This very different - from our usual communication – challenge was lots of fun for the whole
TiL-Teudeloff team. And a special cheers to Monika and Alex for besting us all!

July 2021

We are joining in on the CITY CYCLING!

From 26.06. - 16.07.2021 we will compete for Pfaffenhofen as team "Teudi turns the wheel"

This means that all distances covered by bike count. After 4 days we have already cycled 934 km
between us! This is almost the distance from Teudeloff Pfaffenhofen/Germany to TiL Birmingham/England.
And we are just getting started. So keep pushing the pedals, collect kilometres and together we'll do
something for our health and for the climate..

June 2021


Advertisement in the March issue

Teudeloff presents new homepage. Read more about it in
our press release in Fastener & Fixing’s March issue.

March 2021


Advertisement in the November issue of Torque

World class recess punches & fastener tooling – Teudeloff
Your trustworthy partner for more than 25 years.
You can find our advertisement in the November issue of Torque magazine.

November 2020